About Our Chamber

The Trenton Chamber of Commerce has 120 members for 2013. Its governing body consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, which are voted in annually. There are Six Directors which are voted in for 3 year terms, two rotating out each year.

2013-14 - Executive Committee

President - Debby Leiker, Adirondack Cheese Company
Vice President - Fitz Hardiman, Adirondack Diner & Lanes
Secretary - Betsy Mack, Unity Hall Foundation
Treasurer - John McCann, JMcPromotions

Patricia Tyson - M&T Bank
Nicole Hudon - Hudon's Sled & Salvage
Al Heywood - Heywood's Blueberries & Greenhouse
Dan Hudon - Dan Hudon Sales
Fred Van Namee - Foothills Rural Community Ministry
Ansley Schmidt - North Country Motors

CAMV(Chamber Alliance of the Mohawk Valley) Representative's - Carol Buczek - Tours by Design, John Fox - Remsen VFW, Phil Williams - Williams Oil.

The Trenton Chamber of Commerce's basic Mission is to "Promote Business in our Business Community". We hold meetings every second Thurs. of the month at the Municipal Center, calling to order at 8:30am. For our members, we publish a Business Listings Brochure each year as well as maintain an active website that has member listings both alphabetically and by business category (www.trentonchamber.com). The Chamber also maintains a "Facebook" page, you can "like" us there.

The Trenton Chamber sponsors quarterly Business After Hours, which are hosted by a chamber member, and are a great opportunity to meet/socialize with other business's in our area. We also hold an annual dinner for members in January. The Trenton Chamber participates in the "Adopt a Highway" program, picking up trash along Route 12 from Hinman Rd. to Poland Rd. twice a year. One of the money making efforts include a Fuel Raffle in the Fall, with the winner announced at the December Business After Hours.

The Trenton Chamber of Commerce partners with the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce to offer members a source for Medical Insurance (details included in attached). We launched in 2010, the 1st annual Endowment Fund Program, allowing members who meet eligibility requirements, to apply for a $500.00 fund, given to one member who is decided upon by a panel of judges. We also offer to help pay up to $20.00 for a member ($20.00 annually per membership) to take a business related class, such as a computer class or a class on Quickbooks, to help you "Smarten Up", as this program is called.

The Trenton Chamber of Commerce functions on a volunteer basis, everything we provide for our members is accomplished by member's volunteering their time and efforts. Member participation is encouraged and welcome, there are many ways you can offer your time and services. Plan to attend our monthly meetings if you can, we want your input and participation in making this organization work for you.

Committee Review

Committees should meet, at minimum, quarterly and be prepared to report out at meetings. A chair for each committee can be decided upon by the group, one who will communicate to all members and encourage participation from all members. Each committee should (re)define committee goal.

Visitor Information Center

  • Solicit Business's and Townships for fees.
    • Manage Brochures and Advertisements in center.
    ADK Gateway Association - Fitz Hardiman, Bev Seifried, Audrey Johnson, Frank Northup, John Secor, Kelly Smith


    • Maintain annual member list utilizing quickbooks accounting system, paid vs. un-paid, as well as update member information to use for mailings and annual brochure.
    • Annual dues solicitation will be done by the Treasurer Dec. 1st, sending an invoice with a membership form and a letter from the President. Deadline for dues will be Feb. 1st, with a postcard reminder one month prior to deadline. Any member not paid by deadline will not be in the brochure. No solicitation will be done post deadline.
    • Send out letter to potential new members explaining benefits of Chamber of Commerce. Follow up with Welcome Packet and Plaque to new members.
    • Welcome packets to include; welcome letter from President, Chamber brochure, information about insurance option, member benefits such as brochure listing, website listing, events, endowment fund, smarten up program, brochures of local interest, etc., and a member plaque.
    Member Volunteers - Executive Committee


    Press releases of meeting minutes, special news.
    Member Volunteers - Ansley Schmidt, Nicole Hudon


    • Organize and publish annual schedule for all Chamber events throughout year, i.e., Business After Hours, Highway Cleanup, Trenton Falls Food Booth, Fuel Raffle, Annual Dinner.
    • Support sponsoring business in planning and executing Business After Hours.
    • Provide financial planning/actual detail for each event if applicable.
    Member Volunteers -

    Chamber Alliance

    • Attend CAMV monthly meetings, representing Trenton Chamber and reporting back at our monthly meetings.
    • Look at other Chambers for ideas/successes that we could learn from.
    Member Volunteers - Carol Buczek, John Fox, Phil Williams